In accounting, we basically add, subtract and multiply by the tax percentage. However, this year GBM decided to mix it up a bit by accounting for our four-legged friends at Wetnose, by subtracting them from their enclosures, adding a little love and multiplying the joy in their lives.

GBM Group of Companies and their employees, in collaboration with KW Bokamoso Environmental Services and Forbeck Financial services, collected over 200kg of food, blankets, jackets and more.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to break a sweat, humans and dogs alike. The dogs got a good pampering and some much needed TLC. After all, was said and done, between twelve of us, we were able to walk 55 dogs during the course of the day. Quite an achievement.

We left Wetnose feeling both uplifted and heavy-hearted, wanting to take them all home with us. What an amazing day. We thank all that made this day possible and the opportunity to give back to our community.

It’s in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it – Nelson Mandela




"Mandela day -- GBM Group will be giving back 67min at In His Honour Outreach Foundation 

This is a non-profit organisation which set up camps for impressionable, less fortunate children, between the ages of 10 and 18.

We would like to spend the day interacting with the youth (Currently 26 Children) playing ball games which we will sponsor, such as volleyball, soccer and cricket. We are also able to contribute board games and cards. We will host a lunch for the foundation with boerewors rolls and some drinks for the afternoon.  

The foundation also requires kitchen equipment such as steel cups and plates. As winter is coming up we would recommend some powdered milk, sugar and hot chocolate for an evening spoil. 

Contributions to benefit in the long run:  There is a room which needs a refreshing coat of paint, the room is approximately 20m x 6m x 3m(Height)     

If you would like to contribute to In His Honour Outreach Foundation, please contact us


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