Balancing Act
We strive to be the leading accounting and auditing medium-sized firm in our region. With this in mind we offer trainee contracts from the SAIPA and SAICA institutions to continue our responsibility in growing our country in the finance industry. We strive to teach trainees all 
aspects of accounting and auditing fields in practice, to enable you to strive to your maximum potential. With ongoing in-house learning and supervised training, you will be more than equipped to go out in the corporate field or start your own practice. 
If you strive to be a professional accountant and prefer the work field in taxation, accounting services, bookkeeping, management accounting and secretarial services then SAIPA is the route for you!

As a SAIPA qualified candidate, you will be able to do the following:
- Be part of a network of over 10 000 like-minded members in the accounting profession.
- Obtaining international recognition through SAIPA affiliations with international accounting institutes, enabling you to practice in affiliated countries.
- Holding a Level 8 NQF qualification.
- Depending on the designation you hold, you can perform a number of functions and issue reports in terms of:
1. Companies Act
2. Close Corporations Act
3. Micro Lending Industry regulations
4. Sectional Titles Act
5. Non Profit Organisations Act and Schools Act
6. Register as a tax practitioner
7. be recognised as Commissioners of Oaths

Trainee contracts will take you three years to complete.
If you strive to be a chartered accounted, the highest level of finance, then SAICA is the route for you.

As a SAICA qualified candidate, you will be able to do the following:
1. Apply to write your CTA exams
2. Apply to become a chartered accountant upon completion of your CTA and board exams
3. As a CA (SA) you may sign off on independent reviews and register
with SARS as a tax practitioner. If you are also a registered auditor, you may conduct audits and sign off on the reports thereof.

Trainee contract completion is offered in the following time-frames:
- Completed Bcompt degree – 36 month contract
- Complete Bcompt degree before 4 years lapse – 48 month contract
- No degree (still studying) - 60 month contract
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